Poll: Will the Sun be our Armeggedon?
January 24, 2012 by
The suns 11-Year cycle is apparently on an upswing with massive solar flares coming. The peak of this 11-Year cycle is set for 2013. What does this mean for us? Could we see a more massive occurrence of solar flares towards the end of this year? Is this why the Mayans calendar ended in December 2012? The Sun has been unusually quiet for the past few years and now it seems to be building in intensity. The question is, what if anything will happen over the next 12 months? Will we be notified of serious radiation levels as time goes by and as these solar flares increase? Interesting fact, the bible speaks of the end times. The world was destroyed by water with the great flood and apparently it will not be water the next time, it will be fire. Is this just a coincidence with the Sun and its 11-Year Cycle ramping up or could we be onto something and actually see an EVENT this year?
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