There are two main costs that affect your health - one is the healthcare cost of being unhealthy and the second is the cost of getting healthy. Each of us gets to make that choice, and right now is the perfect time to get started on turning your own health around. Investing in your health and well being is a small price to pay for staying healthy. You can either join a group/gym or you can go it alone at home, which usually means getting a piece of equipment. Whether the gym is the answer for you or not, you should know that there are compact elliptical trainers available that are low impact and give high results in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Creating your Budget. Set a budget based on what you can afford and/or what you are willing to spend. There are several very capable elliptical trainers on the market, that is why making a budget and researching the equipment is crucial prior to making your purchase. Portable elliptical trainers, can cost as little as $70 or as much as $6,300 - keep in mind that you get what you pay for and top quality costs more.

Choosing The Machine. The choices of compact elliptical machines are many, so you need to know what your needs are. Do you need a machine with an on board computer that allows you to track everything - your heart rate, striding time, revolutions per minute, total kilo calories per ride and trip distance? Do you need one that is quiet with a small footprint and basically maintenance free? Do you need a machine that looks good and is dependable, durable, stable and sturdy? These are all optional features in elliptical trainers - the more features included the higher the cost.

Today's elliptical trainers are modern and innovative machines that are designed to help you get the job done efficiently.

Compact and portable elliptical trainers are perfect for the home gym, but are also ideal for use in the growing number of training classes that are liberally sprinkled throughout the landscape.

The Workout To Expect. What you should expect from an elliptical trainer is a smooth resistant-free workout. You should expect to burn calories and get a complete cardiovascular, upper and lower body workout. The stride length of a good elliptical trainer should trigger the manipulation of a large range of muscle groups, therefore giving you that total body workout. With your research, you will get to know which compact elliptical trainers allow you to run or walk without shock to your connective tissue and joints. With this workout, you can expect to get back in shape with very little risk of injury to your body.

With this knowledge, choosing a compact elliptical machine that fits your needs and budget will be much simpler. In today's fiscal climate, it is essential to research your product in order to make the right decision. Getting and staying healthy is now made easy- the decision should include your needs, cost, quality, durability and a good warranty.

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